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Grand Rapids Deck Installation

Composite Decking

If you’re planning to build the backyard deck of your dreams then you should consider using composite decking. This is made of recycled wood and plastic so it has the benefits of both materials and they mitigate the other’s weaknesses. Learn More →

Deck Installation

Building a deck can make your house feel more inviting and comfortable, plus they’re a great space to entertain family and friends especially in the summer. There are a number of steps to deck installation which is why it’s best to contact your Grand Rapids decking contractors at Avio Deck Builders. Read on to learn more about what to do before deck installation. Learn More →

Deck Railings

Deck railings are an important part of any deck layout. They accent the rest of your deck and provide a perimeter to prevent people, especially children from falling and getting injured. Railings also provide support to those climbing the stairs whether they are going up or down. Learn More →


Re-decking is a way to restore your deck without completely replacing it. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of a brand new deck without the actual cost of paying for one. Re-decking keeps the same foundation and replaces the railing, stairs, and deck boards. Learn More →

Wood Decking

Wood is one of the most affordable decking materials. Plus, it gives your backyard an iconic look and a warm welcoming feel. There are a variety of woods and finishes to choose from when you’re planning how you want your deck to look. Learn More →

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